What to Eat Before Exercise

For maximum energy for your workouts, eat a light meal or snack of mostly carbohydrates consisting of around 200-400 calories. This will top off your muscle glycogen stores giving you a boost of energy and allow you to recover faster between sets.

Avoid fatty foods and overeating as this may slow you down and possibly make you sick during your workout. Having some protein prior may help prevent excessive protein breakdown during your workout, but Test a few different meals or snacks to see what works best for you.

Opt for fresh organic fruit and whole grains for the most healthful powerhouse carbs.

This applies to training prior to resistance and cardio training.

Wait time after submitting plan progression form

Since we individually place people and manage accounts, there may be a delay after you’ve submitted your plan progression form. We will try to hurry your request, but please be patient and expect your request to be answered by 5pm Saturday, PST.

We will notify you anytime we make a change to your account or plan.

How often should I follow the plan?

You should follow the plan as prescribed to the best of your ability for maximum results. If the plan is too much and you’re feeling overworked, let us know in a plan progression form and we can tone down the volume. Try to work to the best of your ability at all times, but rest when you think it’s necessary. Listen to your body always. If you feel any pain beyond muscular fatigue (not pain), speak with your doctor. Check the FAQ on when you shouldn’t exercise for more information on reasons to not workout.